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At Terrific Tutors we strive to meet the needs of our students by providing exceptional Tutoring services.

Unlike many tutoring services we don’t require our students to come to a “location with hours”, we work with their schedule. This means that services can be delivered in convenient locations and are scheduled according to the family’s schedule. Accommodations can be made to meet in-home, at day care facilities, libraries, and other public spaces.

Terrific Tutors differentiate themselves by the curriculum they use. Many services will teach proprietary materials that may not be beneficial to the student in their academic environment. We know every student is different. To accommodate their needs we utilize their school’s own curriculum to make sure they are learning skills that will help them achieve.

Primary Subjects

Make sure your student has a strong foundation for educational success

Achieve Proficiency

Our tutors work to ensure your child will be a successful learner of the important skills in primary subjects such as math, science, and language arts.

Study Skills

Learning how to effectively study is the first step to improving student academic life

Ready to Achieve

Time management, organization of materials, and setting up a framework for quiz and test studying are needed tools to succeed in the classroom.

Test Prep

Terrific Tutors can help your student be ready for the big exam

Elementary, High School, College

Get ready for private school entry exams, SATs, or anything in-between.

List of Subjects

Language arts skills, including reading and writing, are foundational skills for a student’s success in school. Our tutors work to ensure your child will be a successful learner of the important skills in language arts that are needed to achieve proficiency in all other academic areas.

We offer reading, writing, speaking and listening tutoring for students. We help students with reading skills including word attack skills using phonics and sight word mastery. We support written language with grammar, writing fundamentals for essays and spelling skills instruction. Most importantly, we emphasize reading comprehension skills and work with students to improve their understanding of the material they are reading. We also have instruction available in handwriting and vocabulary.

Our tutors will create and foster a love of reading and writing in our students which will help with their success in other academic areas.

Mathematics includes fundamental skills that students need to be successful in the academic setting. Often students are unable to perform at their grade level expectations because of a lack of understanding of the math concepts that are needed to be successful at their level. A great example of this is a child having problems with understanding how to multiply fractions. They may have missed the full understanding of multiplication and/or fractions, both skills needed to successfully multiply fractions.

Our tutors are experts at being able to analyze what mathematical skills our students are missing and helping to teach them those skills so they can apply those skills and be successful at their current level of expectation. We will also work with students helping them learn their math facts by teaching them fun games and mathematical strategies.

We offer tutoring for students struggling with science concepts. We offer all levels of science tutoring including general elementary and middle school sciences. We have specialized science tutors to work with your students in upper level sciences including biology, chemistry and physics. Our tutors will help your student have an understanding of those complex concepts by working with them individually using their schools materials for a seamless transition of acquired skills back into the classroom.
Study skills are a key to success for student achievement in the classroom. Terrific Tutors works with students helping them to develop successful academic study skills. We will work on time management, organization of materials and setting up a framework for quiz and test studying to obtain success in the classroom.
Many of the local private elementary schools require an entrance examination. Our tutors can help prepare your student to take these tests through test taking skills and review of materials covered on the examinations.
Many of the private high schools require an entrance examination for admissions into the school. At Terrific Tutors, we will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and provide them with the professional educators needed to help them prepare for the upcoming test. We will not only review academic materials but work with them on test taking strategies and how to overcome testing anxiety. Below is a partial listing of the tests we support.

Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT)

Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)

High School Placement Test (HSPT)

Cooperative Admissions Examination Program (COOP)

Test of Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS)

Students preparing to enter college will have to take a college entrance examination. Our approach to helping students prepare for these test is very unique. We don’t put our students into a class environment where an instructor delivers instruction to all students, lacking the personalization to help your child maximize their own potential. Instead, we assign subject matter tutors to your student to help them prepare academically for each subject matter. We personalize their instruction so they spend more time with the tutors that subject matters are more difficult for them and review the subjects that are their strengths only briefly. We can also provide support in completing college applications and writing entrances essays. Below is a partial listing of the tests we support.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

American College Testing (ACT)

Did your child have a difficult time in school this past year?  Summer is just the time to help them gain some of those much-needed skills. Research shows that summer is a critical time of learning for students. Among the benefits are continued learning, improved confidence in abilities, and enrichment of skills.

All types of tutoring are available during the summer. Summer is a wonderful time to start test preparation for upcoming college entrance examinations for those students who are entering their junior or senior year of high school.

We offer a variety of enrichment activities and can create a program to meet your child’s needs. Our enrichment activities include reading, math, science and STEM projects and activities.
We provide tutors for all home schooling subjects. Our tutors are certified teachers. They can plan curriculum lessons, offer support for subject matter, and help with administrating tests.
Our tutors are available to help support your student during the school day study halls. We have a successful history of working with schools to have in class support for students needing additional academic support.

Why Choose Us

  • In home tutoring allows student to feel comfortable and to maximize scheduled time.
  • Personalized tutoring means your student gets individual attention every time.
  • Certified tutors will always provide an exceptional and beneficial tutoring experience
  • Terrific Tutors work in the field of education because they are passionate about helping students.

What Clients Say

Henry was struggling with learning to read and write. His tutor worked with him and showed him how he could be a successful reader and writer. His confidence level increased with each session.
Sarah B.
Rebecca was having difficulty in her algebra class. She was needing help and I couldn’t help her. Hiring Terrific Tutors to come work with her twice a week after her drill team practice made all the difference. She started to understand the math concepts and began to improve her grade. She finished the semester with a 92%!
Jeremy K.
My son was preparing to take the SAT. He was involved in extra-curricular activities that prevented him from attending a class for preparation. We hired Terrific Tutors and they provided the help we needed on our schedule and at our home. He felt prepared to take the test and did very well. We even had them help him with his college application essays.

Kathy D.
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Above are some of the subjects our Tutors specialize in. If your student needs assistance in a subject not listed please contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine the best solution.
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