1. As you begin your conference, listen carefully for the teacher to tell you strengths and weaknesses of your child. If they don’t mention strengths, don’t hesitate to ask them, “What do you feel Emily is doing well this year in school?” Children are often nervous about the conferences and you will want to share these positive comments with your child.


  1. When you look at the first quarter progress report together, feel free to ask how grades were calculated. The teacher should have their grading system handy so they can share information with you regarding missing assignment or test and quiz scores.


  1. The teacher may uses terms that are unfamiliar to you, stop them and ask them to explain the term and what it means. If they mention that your child has a DRA score of 12, and you are not sure if that is on target for the grade level, politely stop them and say, “Can you explain to me DRA stands for and what that score represents.?


  1.  If you feel that you didn’t have enough time to fully discuss your child’s progress, as the conference begins to draw to a close, ask to schedule another time when you can talk at greater length.


  1. Should the teacher suggest that additional help is needed in a subject area, ask for specific examples of what you can do to help support your child. Maybe it is as simple as having a designated area for homework to be completed. It may be that your child needs to work on math facts and the teacher maybe able to suggest websites that can help with that process.


If the teacher suggests a tutor to help your child, please call us at Terrific Tutors. We can help to provide the support needed for your child to have a successful school year.