Many schools begin their second semesters around this time of the year. That means a fresh beginning for students in the elementary and secondary schools.

Many families may have been disappointed with the grades from first semester. There are several things you can do to support your child as they strive for better understanding and performance in this new semester. Here are a few easy steps to take to help advocate for your child.


  1. If your child is continuing in a class where their first semester grade was less than satisfactory, set down and talk to your child about what they feel the problem was during the past semester. Assure your child they will have your support in the upcoming semester as you work together toward a better outcome in the future.  Next, call the school and set up an appointment to visit with the teacher. You can either go to the school in person or have a phone conference.


  1. When you speak with the teacher, be prepared with questions to help identify the learning situation and come up with creative solutions. Some examples might include:


“I noticed that (insert your child’s name) had a lower grade than we would like in the first semester, can you tell me what you feel the problems were that lead to this outcome?”


  1. Listen carefully as the teacher identifies what these concerns were in the first semester.  Ask questions as they state their concerns. If they are concerned with homework not being turned in, ask if they feel there is a lack of understanding on your child’s part or if there is an organizational problem. It maybe that the quiz and test scores are low. You might ask if the teacher has a review packet you can go over with your child before upcoming test or quizzes.


  1. Once the problems are identified, work with the teacher to come up with solutions that you can implement from home as well as making a plan to check back in with the teacher to monitor your child’s progress.


  1. After talking with the teacher, sit down with your child and let them know what the teacher said. Work together to come up with a plan for success. This can be a simple as you checking over homework each evening, or going over the upcoming test material with them.


  1. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us for suggestions to help your child succeed in class.


  1. If you feel a tutor is needed to help your child, don’t hesitate to call us at Terrific Tutors. We can have someone working with your child within the week. We tutor all ages and subjects.